Shift spinoff projects

  • Pedalpalooza is an annual summer festival with hundreds of volunteer-organized free bike events.
  • Breakfast on the Bridges serves breakfast to Portland bike commuters around once a month on several bridges near downtown. Facebook
  • PDX World Naked Bike Ride is still loosely affiliated with shift but spun off into its own organization. Leading one of the largest rides in the state year after year!
  • The Multnomah County Bike Fair is a recurring fair that happens almost every year during Pedalpalooza.
  • Move by Bike is a group of folks interested in helping folks move across town entirely by bicycle. Facebook
  • Velopalooza is a summer bike fun festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada similar to Pedalpalooza.
  • Portland Urban Bike runs an weekly ride (Thursday Night Ride) since 2015!
  • Corvidae Bicycle Club is an inclusive fun crew that leads a monthly 2nd Sunday social ride from Peninsula Park at 2pm
  • BikePOC PNW actively creates space for BIPOC folks to ride bikes, build community, forge life-long friendships, and challenge the status quo. Instagram
  • Puddlecycle is a group that focuses on winter bike fun events in Portland. Their website talks more about their mission and how to participate.
  • Portland Autonomous Zone is a local DIY/tinkering community with a focus on bikes and is a frequent booster of and participant in shift events.

Nonprofits and Government groups


  • is an independent news source that covers the Portland bike scene.
  • KBOO Bike Show is a monthly show presenting news and views of cycling in Portland and beyond. It broadcasts live on KBOO 90.7 FM once a month, and it’s available as a podcast at
  • Sprocket Podcast is a Portland-based podcast about all sorts of bike-y things. Subscribe
  • Bike Stuff PDX creates videos about human powered transportation, available on YouTube.
  • Warpaint Magazine highlights Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color that are athletes in outdoor sports as well as community organizers that are doing their part to introduce BIPOC people to outdoor sports.