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Open Bike - Open Mic
Wednesday, June 19, 8:00pm
A night of movies, music, and spoke 'n word
8-9 Open Bike open mic, 9-10 Music and jam session.

Open-Bike is an evening of music, film and spoke'n word for bike lovers and the bike curious.

Sign up at the show or, even better, sign up in advance by emailing kirsten[at] Let us know about your act or film and approximately how long it is. 10 mins or less, please.

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Zed (2013-03-14 7:48:17)
Facebook Event
Facebook Event Listing Here:
Bridget Tunnel Turnpike (2013-04-16 13:06:47)
I will be there tomorrow with my hilarious/horrifying tale of Bike Date Gone Bad
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