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Bike Polo
Every Sunday, 2:00pm
Bike Polo has been played nearly every Sunday at Alberta Park for more than nine years.

Great for spectators this bike polo is rated PG-13 for profanity, violence, sexuality and gratuitous fun.

Mallets and heckling provided. Bring your own beater bike or ride one of ours.

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rev (2008-07-21 23:37:51)
rickreal open
I think it may be canceled this week. instead of playing polo in Portland many will travel to Rickreal, Oregon

info [at]
rev (2009-04-17 12:26:54)
I take that back, rickreal open is weekend before, but polo may be at Peninsula Park. stay tuned.
rev (2009-06-05 20:31:24)
axles of evil will not be at aberta park this sunday! instead join some out of town guests at Peninsula Park for an exciting game where all the players are mixed up with people from other cities.
rev (2009-08-15 2:46:05)
sunday parkway polo!
this sunday expect polo at Col Summers!
dianaeva (2009-12-18 18:13:24)
no teme
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Dabby (2010-05-06 13:44:51)
The Pic
I love to see my Bike Polo pics posted....
Dabby (2010-05-13 14:22:31)
Time Frame...
And Polo has been played in that park for more like ten years now.....
rev (2010-05-20 0:06:46)
exception to the polo rule
this week polo will be played at rose city tennis courts.

Pedapaloozer (2010-06-13 11:12:53)
Sunday Bike Polo
Hey ya'all we're playing Polo at Alberta today. Starting at ~1:30pm and going till Sundown. Stop by anytime and you can play too!

Next Sunday 6/20 will be at Rose City at NE 62nd and Thompson.
scotty (2010-07-10 9:27:46)
is it cool if beginners show up? I have never played but I would like to get in to it.
polo haus (2010-07-10 14:31:36)
play today!
Beginners are def welcome. Come on by!
habib (2010-07-11 21:26:46)
next week.
I too am a beginner. I think I will stop by next week. Will it be at alberta or somewhere else?
polo haus (2010-07-12 13:10:47)
sunday bloody sunday
Sunday polo is almost always at Alberta park. Thanks for your interest, we always want new players.

Hey, everyone! We need more polo bikes! almost any bike can be a polo bike but it helps if it has:

* mt bike with fork and bottom bracket
* v-brake mounts
* horizontal dropouts

Respiratory Therapist (2010-11-21 18:25:49)
thanks for the postInseddyensupe
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