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Dropout Bike Club ride
Third Friday of every month, 9:00pm
The Dropout Bike Club's monthly freak bike social ride. Over the past 7 years, this ride has become the place to show off yer newest bicycle oddities and party with a bunch of freaks. All bikes welcome, but the pace is set by the freak bikes.  Expect lots of freak bikes, sound systems, and more.

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Kit (2012-01-06 7:14:00)
Want to ride/volunteer with you
Hey, I don't have a freaky bike, but I would love to ride.  I want to get out more this winter.  I'm 66, retired, and used to be able to go 40 miles.  Now I am in training to ride up Mt. Tabor 2 x's.
sysfail (2012-01-06 8:20:35)
sounds great
All bikes are welcome so no worries there.   Our rides happen no matter the weather.
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