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Third Wednesday of every month except June, 7:00pm
Shift is Shift2Bikes's Business Meeting and Social Gathering for all things bikey fun.

[ [ [ Business Meeting 7p-8p ] ] ]
Bring your bikey event ideas, dreams, visions and happenings about all things bike.      

[ [ [ Social Gathering 8p-10p. ] ] ]
Kick back and enjoy a beer, coffee or soda with friends while getting your bike wrenched on.

Our Mission:
To demonstrate that cycling is fun, liberating, empowering, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

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Shifty Drinker (2008-08-14 12:42:43)
Where where where? (How about SE?)
Hey, I have to work til 8, when I'll be down in Woodstock land.  Can you site the meet-up at a bar somewhere between Woodstock and Hawthorne so I can catch up with y'all?
Cap'n Pastry (2008-09-30 14:54:41)
How 'bout SE?
Hey Freaky Kids,
 The BonB crowd want to take over this meet-up to talk Breakfast on the Bridge, Superhero style.  Can we change it to a Southeast spot?
fool (2009-08-18 14:33:30)
location change
could you, mr maintainer, stick a note in the calendar that says august = mock crest tavern [at] 3435 N. Lombard?  thx!
jollydodger_23 (2009-08-19 12:06:58)
the acronymn B.A.C.K. has been defined as...
Bikers Against Car Kind...
has more 'family' appeal then F.U.C.K. - just for media purposes; i think FUCK rocks in every other aspect and should be kept as the 'Freaks Usurp Corporate Kontrol'-one freak on a bike is still better than two in a shell.
Vegan Dogger (2010-01-19 10:34:26)
Jan 20, '10 meetup location
Hungry Tiger Too!  Hungry Tiger Two!  Hungry Tiger Deux!  Hungry Tiger To!
evan (2010-03-02 14:39:45)
st. patricks day pub crawl
Hey, I want to lead a pub crawl from the monthly social spot (on hawthorne) leaving at 8pm. any concerns? please contact me asap. portlandbicycletours[at]
Carl (2011-03-15 19:52:32)
4/16 is at Goose Hollow
Hi all.
6:30 at the Goose (1927 SW Jefferson)

Meet us up the hill at the top of the Washington Park MAX elevators for a highway bomb at 6pm.
Zed (2013-02-20 10:21:53)
Shifting the Shift to VeloCult
I am making a proposal to shift this event to VeloCult tonight [at] 7p.  

Discussion on the shift2bikes mailing list.

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