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North Freak Ride
Fourth Friday of every month, 10:00pm
The North Freak Cycling collective's monthly ride!  You don't need to be on a freak bike to ride with us.

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Bo? (2008-06-11 13:52:11)
Whats the attire this month?... Pirates are always fun
rev (2008-06-27 1:21:43)
the theme is in,
bring forth your best "Corporate America" attire its time to go raid some tall bike portfolios
Douche Noob (2009-04-20 2:12:57)
Puff, puff pass on gas
Ride or die. Is this event actually happening this month or is this a misprint on the calender?
Dutch (2009-04-20 11:16:42)
loud and lit ride
the loud and lit ride is happening for pedalpalooza, i dont know how to change it for pedalpalooza and not for every month. we havnt come up for a theme for this friday's North Freak ride (which is very much still happening)

come loud and lit if you want, its always fun.
sysfail (2009-05-07 12:48:21)
Thunder Twins
Dropout Thunder Twins are going to blow you away, get ready to dance.
TheUninitiated (2009-05-21 16:28:09)
May 22 ride not loud, not lit?
OK so I get the description is for the June ride.  So whats the May 22 ride gonna be like?
Dutch (2009-05-21 17:15:11)
lit and lout next month, this month is badass skid challenge
so I couldnt figure out how to put it properly in so the pedalpalooza ride shows a different description then our regular monthly ride.

Pedalpalooza ride will be lit and loud, and totally sweet.

this friday the ride is also going to be sweet, but its going to be a open bike skid challenge for distance. we'll have some cardboard to make it more fun.

the dress theme is "dress like hartee when she was 17" theme. In other words, like a prep.
jeff (2009-06-23 23:33:47)
lit up,anyway
I need to show off my electronics skills.  I have a trailer for my dogzilla now.  I need to train her to it though.  She's just a half-grown (80 pound) puppy.
Eaglemon (2010-05-28 17:52:01)
Tonights ride
[at] 8:00 the rain should stop. will you all be there?
Eaglemon (2010-05-28 17:53:55)
I like P/W and Disco.
tom bowman (2010-06-26 9:55:25)
lost phone on lit an loud
need phone back please call 503-752-7545 Mark  phone has bike keys attached.
TomTom (2010-07-08 21:20:31)
Midnight Ride Starting at Peninsula Park a Month ago
There was the most bizarre ride I've ever been on at Midnight on a Saturday night about a month ago starting at Peninsula Park in N Portland. There was about a hundred fifty of us, and a 'mobile hibachi' with a fire, and Shaman dressed in dark robes, make-up and native hair styles. We rode through Kenton Park where a mobile home was sacrificed in effigy in the kiddy wadding pool! Then we drank 'from the blood of he lamb'. The ride commence, ending up below the rail road bridge on the Willamette River right off of University park in St Johns. The most intense was still to come, with a faint light and the droning of ethnic music coming from a small clearing off into the brush. As we emerged cautiously one by one crackling through the branches, we were greeted by a bizarre whirling ethnic drone from half a dozen hand made instruments performed by the Shaman like natives. The sound was like nothing I've heard, and reminded me of an African Tribal ritual. Have you any idea what that ride was called, how to get ahold of them and when it will occur? again?  thhomasmarks[at]  Thanks!
Spiffy (2011-01-28 12:09:17)
Jan 29, 2011, Festivus again?
somebody needs to update the calendar...  I'm thinking this scheduled ride on the last Friday of January is not another Festivus ride...
some dude (2012-02-28 19:44:04)
fix shift2bikes calendar
Not american gladiators ride every week, Thanks
Spiffy (2012-08-23 8:26:12)
somebody should set a real start time for this...
the last couple months the ride hasn't started until after 11pm...  last time I just gave up and left after the first freak bike finally showed at 11:30pm...  I love a good mystery ride...  but I don't love sitting around with a bunch of first-timers trying to explain how the ride always seems to start an hour late...  we used to ride by 10:30pm, but that hasn't happened in a while...
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